You want to organize an event in our space ?
Here's our terms and agreements

Please confirm that you accept all terms of partnership. If at any moment, those conditions are not respected, Ulule reserves the right to cancel immediately the event and all the future ones. 

1. You agree that an Ulule employee may give a one-minute welcome presentation prior to the start of the event, as well as an opportunity for guests to visit the space after and/or during the event 

2. You will be promoting Ulule in crossing with your event. You will ensure that all promotional materials (including your website, Eventbrite, Facebook and Meetup, etc.) include the Ulule logo and a link to Ulule website. 

3. You will have staff, volunteers or employees on site at least 30 minutes prior to the event to assist in setting the space up and moving furniture. 

4. You will have staff, volunteers or employees on site to assist during the event and to help handing over the furniture as needed. This includes staff assigned to the check-in counter and the food/beverage station (if required). 

5. This event will be open to the entire Ulule team for free. 

6. You will notify Fannie at least 24 hours in advance of any changes to the agreed times of the event. These requests must be sent to and Ulule reserves the right to refuse these changes. 

7. You agree not to sell alcoholic drinks or post in your communications that alcohol is free.

8. You are responsible for security at the event 

9. The event space closes at 9 pm (unless agreed upon in advance). From this moment, Ulule staff is authorized to give instructions to the event organizers to complete the event. By sending this form, you accept the terms above
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